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Attorney David Welch utilizes his over 17 years of experience as a Southern California and Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney. David has repeatedly provided individuals charged with violent crimes an aggressive defense. Attorney Welch has extensive experience in Southern California Courts.

Violent crimes are some of the most serious criminal charges that a person may face. The most common violent crimes are offenses involving the use of physical force. Surprising to some is that charges can arise even from verbal threats. Violent crimes range in seriousness and do not necessarily involve the use of weapons. When a person is being accused or investigated for a violent crime, it is critical to retain a Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney immediately. The Law Office of David Welch provides aggressive defense for those accused of any violent crime.

It is important to begin building a defense through a thorough investigation of all circumstances surrounding the alleged offense. Often witnesses or other evidence exists which may assist greatly in the defense strategy and challenge the allegations. In light of new evidence, it is possible that prosecutors may reduce or dismiss charges without the necessity of a jury trial. Our goal is the best possible outcome for our clients accused of any type of violent crime

It is common in Violent Crime cases for prosecutors to charge individuals not only with the primary crime alleged, but any nuance of criminal behavior that can be classified as a crime. For example, in a Domestic Violence case we handled, prosecutors not only charged our client with the Domestic Violence charge, but also Assault With A Deadly Weapon and other charges, therefore making what should have been perhaps a simple misdemeanor into a serious prison felony. While some Violent Crime charges are classified as Misdemeanors, most can and are charged as Felony offenses.

The time period following an incident or arrest is extremely important. It is essential to retain an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney immediately. Do not speak or give statements to law enforcement or District Attorney investigators. It is common for individuals, eager to cooperate to clear their names, to make statements that may be misunderstood or used against them later in the case. There is no question that law enforcement's job is to support an arrest. Don't give them statements to use against you.

A thorough investigation of the alleged crime is then made by your Defense Attorney. This is YOUR investigation. It is common that witnesses or victims will either contradict police allegations or give more complete and accurate statements when given a chance. The results of your investigation can then be utilized to further your case in the negotiation process or in trial.

Violent Crimes vary in their definition, elements and consequences. Numerous crimes can be called violent. They include:

There can be few events in a person's life more terrifying than being charged with a violent crime. The criminal justice system and many of its players are unforgiving. Often mitigating explanations or defenses are ignored or overlooked by charging agencies. We all see individuals in the media who are accused of committing violent crimes. However, simply being accused by the police does not mean that the entire story is being told. Frequently there is a compelling defense, which can exonerate the accused of the charges. Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney David Welch defends those accused of violent crimes. We look beyond the allegations by police and sometimes-biased witnesses to find the entire truth. While the truth is being uncovered by a thorough investigation, this new information is presented to the prosecution for potential settlement. We provide the best possible representation for our clients and will thoroughly investigate and vigorously defend.

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