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Southern California Juvenile Defense Attorney

Southern California Juvenile Defense Attorney David A. Welch is dedicated to protecting the rights, future and reputation of those who are under 18 years of age. Having a child arrested and charged with a crime is an extremely unsettling experience. If your child is convicted of a crime, the consequences can range from conditional release into the custody of a parent, placement on probation, placement in a foster home or imprisonment in the California Youth Authority. Therefore, it is important to contact an aggressive Southern California Juvenile Defense to defend your child.

Rehabilitation vs. Punishment

The most positive aspect of the Juvenile Court System as opposed to adult court is the concept of “Rehabilitation” as opposed to “Punishment”. While California's adult court system has punishment of offenders as a goal, California's juvenile justice system has an entirely different objective. This is the treatment and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders. This is an extremely hopeful aspect of the law that can be utilized for the benefit of your child. In some cases motions can be filed which will completely suspend Juvenile proceedings so long as the child remains law abiding. Not every case will be eligible for this, however. The Juvenile Court system provides for escalating responses to offenses of increasing severity, such as informal probation, formal probation, detention, and incarceration.

The Defense of Your Child's Future and Reputation

Many minors who are otherwise excellent individuals make mistakes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes children commit crimes due to peer pressure or association with other teens. Often, these children have otherwise bright futures with college or other careers on their horizon. It is important to make every effort to avoid having a criminal charge interrupt your child's future plans. Southern California Juvenile Defense Attorney David A. Welch understands criminal defense. It is important not to simply let a prosecutor or probation officer determine your child's future. There may be many other solutions to protecting your child's reputation.

Our office is committed to the concept of your child's rehabilitation and will work to avoid incarceration and other serious consequences. As with any other type of offense, all evidence needs to be obtained and a thorough investigation conducted. Negotiations are held with the prosecutors; again always with your child's best interests in mind.

As parents, you will need to be present for each court date as you are responsible for the child's future appearances as well as participants in your child's rehabilitation efforts.

It is important that efforts be made to avoid a criminal record that will negatively impact your child's life. The Law Offices of David A. Welch will make our best efforts to secure a positive result for your child's matter.

If your child is facing criminal charges, the Southern California Law Offices of David A. Welch as soon as possible. Our office is dedicated to providing your child and your family with the best possible representation with the goal of protecting your child's future and reputation.

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