Case Results

Traumatic Brain Injury

Our client was injured in a tragic fall and suffered traumatic brain injury. Our office associated in the necessary experts. The defendant's insurance company was extremely aggressive and alleged the injury was due to my client's actions. After over two years of diligent work by our office and our associated partners, our client achieved a seven-figure settlement, far exceeding the limits of the insurance policy.

Domestic Violence

Our client was charged with felony violations of PC273.5(a) - Corporal Injury on A Spouse; PC245(a)(1) – Assault with a Deadly Weapon and PC273(a) – Child Endangerment which exposed him to up to four years in state prison.   All Charges were dismissed following a successful jury trial.

Client was arrested felony violations of PC273.5(a) – Corporal Injury on a Spouse as a Felony and PC422 – Criminal Threats.  All felony charges dropped without a need for trial.


Client was charged with a felony violation of PC484 – Petty Theft with priors with sentencing exposure of up to 3 years in state prison. Negotiated dismissal of the case without the need for trial. 

 Client as charged with PC484 – Petty Theft as a Misdemeanor.  Negotiated dismissal of case at the 1st pretrial hearing.

Resisting Arrest

Client was charged with resisting arrest after pulling into a sobriety check point.  Jury found our client not guilty of all charges following trial.

Driving Under The Influence

Client was charges with misdemeanor violations of VC23152 (f) – Driving Under the Combined Influence of Alcohol and Drugs and VC23572 Child Endangerment.  At trial, our client was found not guilty of all charges.

 Client was arrested and charged with a felony violation of VC23153 (a) and (b) – DUI causing injury.  It was further alleged that the passenger sustained great bodily injury.  Negotiated dismissal of all felony charges and all allegations that client's actions resulted in the injuries sustained by the passenger.

 Client was arrested for VC23152 (d) – Driving a Commercial Vehicle with a blood alcohol level of 0.04% or greater, Chemical Test Refusal in violation of VC23612 – Implied Consent Law and PC242 – Batter by force and violence.  All arrest charges were dismissed through negotiations.

 Client was arrested and charges with violation of VC23152 (a) – Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and VC23152 (b) – Driving with a Blood Alcohol of 0.08% or greater.  The violations occurred while the client was on a federal institution.  All charges dropped and case dismissed.


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